Everything has its own story…
Little Story.

It started as such a small project out of passion. The girls, whose fate swept as far away as Bali, could fulfill their dream and give space to their creativity, passion for fashion and love for beautiful things. Inspired by nature, the ocean, with our feet buried in the sand and salt water in our hair, we created, perhaps just for the pleasure of ourselves and the people around us, a few exclusive pieces of lingerie and other accessories that were different at first glance and touch what we have tried so far. A piece of your little story is in Bali.

We only chose materials that are extra soft to the touch.
We prepared the cuts so that the underwear would fit regardless of the type of the figure
And mainly we enjoyed design.

We tuned the style, color and other things until we were absolutely satisfied with them. We know very well what is important for every woman…


Simply an opportunity to express your personality through fashion.

We produce our panties, bracelets, bodysuits or accessories in limited quantities. So that each product retains its uniqueness and originality. In our offer you will find pieces that you will most likely never see on anyone else. We produce only a few pieces of each type. Everything is handmade in Bali in collaboration with local seamstresses.

Everything you will find on our website is in a way original.

We bring you a piece of your Little Story from Bali…